AHS is also leading home service provider to almost all Private Insurance Companies to name few Kotak, Birla Sun Life, AVIVA, Future Generali, Bajaj, HDFC Standard Life, Future Generali etc.

Background of AHS:

Apex Health Services (AHS) is the pioneer centre to provide with the collection of the blood sample through home visits. AHS was formed in the year 1996 and used to provide with the services all over Mumbai.
Services Available: Sample collection (Fasting and Post Lunch).

  • Home services are delivered by professionals (Technician / Phlebotomist) with specialized skills in those areas.
  • It is easy to get home services, as one has to just call up office nos. or submit the request through website.
  • Customer has to give their Name, Complete Postal Address and Telephone along with the menu of the tests as well as the referring doctor’s name.
  • Our Technician/ Phlebotomist will reach clients place at their given desired time. Will draw the sample/blood as per the protocol for the tests to be carried out. You would not be required to come personally, thus saving your valuable time & effort. The samples are then bought to Lab for further processing. A Technician / Phlebotomist will visit you at home/office to collect a blood sample. Their role is not to advise on which tests to have, this will have already discussed prior to an appointment being booked.
  • AHS couriers / mails the reports as soon as they are ready.

Mission & Vision:
  • To have the most advanced & state of the art equipment in pathology.
  • To have the best in class quality & service standards and have differentiators for different class of customer / patients.
  • To engage best in class faculty of pathologists along with hierarchies so that responsibilities and duties are clearly bifurcated and defined for better controls.
  • To provide uniformity of service standards across all locations.

Payments Terms:
    Invariably, anything that's convenient comes at a high price. Which is why most of us would prefer to use home diagnostic services only in case of an emergency. But we’ve got news for you? Very nominal home visit fess is charged along with the test charges to get their samples collected & processed from their residences/office. Note:
  • All payments have to be made in cash to service staff. The staff will issue a manual receipt.
  • In case the appointment is not cancelled 4 hours prior to the appointed time and the staff arrives for the appointment, visit charges will have to be paid.

Logistics Capability:
  • Through many years of experience, we have developed a keen knowledge base on national logistics including preservation, transportation, packing and documentation for sample handling.
  • Quality is never ever compromised.
  • Services are provided through full automation, regular calibration and controls, standardized imported reagents, authorization by qualified pathologists. A crosschecking mechanism for result checking (while feeding, reporting, signing) is done to ensure that a wrong result never goes to a patient

Sample Management:
    Pre-analytical factors can contribute to as high as 45% of total errors made by a pathology laboratory. We, at AHS, use effective Sample Management practises and well-organized pre-analytical systems to eliminate possible errors in test reports. Our Lab Services Section has put into place, a detailed system of checks in the following areas: Accession:
  • A dedicated team of trained data entry operators carries out accessioning.
  • Double-checking of data entry is done under supervision, which ensures zero errors in demographics and registration of sample.
  • All the requisitions are stored in organized manner for reference.
  • Number of accessions is restricted to 100 in 8 hour shift to ensure error free, quality work.

Sample Handling and Labeling:
  • A dedicated team of technicians ensures checking of sample integrity, labeling and bar-coding.
  • To ensure result reliability, acceptance and rejection of samples policies are well defined.
  • As soon as accessioning is done, specific bar code for the patients sample is generated which carries SID (Sample Identification Number) information.
  • The software generates appropriate number of bar codes for each patient depending on the variety of containers required.
  • The bar code label also contains patients name, date and time of collection, name of tests and type of container.
  • The system ensures zero chance of wrong labeling.

Sample Collection:
  • We have a separate patient services section responsible for sample collection. This section is a group of well-trained experienced phlebotomists / technician.
  • The samples are collected in vacuum containers.
  • Most of the blood collection material and devices required are disposable.

Sample Transport:
  • To maintain integrity of samples the local samples are delivered within 3-4 hours.
  • Sample preparation and storage:
  • It is mandatory to carry out sample preparation activity as early as possible for efficiency and for maintenance of sample integrity.
  • Serum/Plasma is separated within 30 minutes.
  • The system is foolproof to ensure zero sample loss or misplacement. Sample processed through world class lab:
  • We have our in-house lab through which the blood samples collected are processed. This helps in saving the time and thereby faster generation of reports.
  • We also have a tie-up with the world renowned lab such as Metropolis Health Services and Dr. Phadke's Pathology Laboratory, hence blood samples can be processed from these labs on the request of the client/GP etc and reports will be provided to the clients.

Quick Reports:

  • AHS provide real-time delivery of results. That means the use of the Internet. The web sites of AHS’s offer a user ID and password, using which a patient can access his test results. Reports are available online i.e on the website ensuring daily reporting and quick turnaround time. As soon as the blood is processed and results are delivered by the machine reports are uploaded on the website so that same can be viewed within no span of time.
  • We have web-enabled delivery of the results / reports as soon as same are ready i.e E-mail are sent to the clients or treating doctor as per the client’s request. Thus no need to visit the diagnostics centre for collecting the report.
  • Final/original/hard copy of reports will be couriered to the client’s residence or to the address as requested by the client subsequently.
    Report Management
    All the results undergo 2 level of authorization following which the software routes the information for printing.

Report Generation
  • A separate Report Section team is responsible for report generation.
  • The physical copies carry patient’s demographics in detail, reference details, and test information, results of analysis and digital signature of the pathologist who has finally authorized the report.
  • The layout of the reports ensures easy comprehension.
  • The physical copies are reviewed before putting them into the envelopes.
  • These report envelops are sorted according to the reference for dispatch.

Report Dispatch
    The reports are delivered through various modes:
  • All the reports are uploaded on web. They become accessible within 20 minutes of final authorization.
  • In all the cases, the reports are sent through courier.
  • In-house courier team efficiently delivers the reports.
  • Appropriate log of report dispatch and delivery is maintained.