Home Health Services

The most important thing that anyone can do when feeling ill is to see a caring physician. Our bodies change constantly, and one of the most valuable tools that the physician uses to assess your health is the laboratory Blood test. These tests are ordered, and the results are used by your physician to pinpoint or to support diagnosis, monitor or determine treatment, or to screen for undiagnosed conditions. Blood tests take an internal and dynamic 'snapshot' of you, at the time of the test. Everyone needs to have their Blood tested periodically.

A laboratory Blood test is helpful in evaluating the current health status. Blood tests help us to realize that Blood test results may be outside of a normal range for the general population, but perfectly normal for you. This anomalous Blood test result might show for many reasons. These variations may be due to such things as: foods recently eaten; recent drinking; stress; sex; menstrual cycle; age; physical activity just before the Blood test; poor Blood sample collection and/or handling of the Blood test specimen; common drugs, such as aspirin, cold medication, vitamins, etc. taken in the days before the Blood test; prescription drugs, and non-illness-related Blood-test-related factors. Abnormal Blood testing results should be carefully and thoroughly discussed with your physician or qualified medical professional.

Yes, one phone call and World-class diagnostic facilities come right to your doorstep. No more wading through traffic day after day. No more dreading those lab visits. Doing those routine tests just become easier. Apex Health Services (AHS) is the ideal home laboratory solution for:

  • Senior Citizens,
  • People with disabilities,
  • People who prefer the privacy of their home,
  • Even people who are simply too busy at work Travel and transaction time cost is higher than the cost of Home Care visit charges,
  • Patient is not in a condition to visit the hospital,
  • Patient requires rest and does not wish to take the stress of travel.

“Where you stay in Mumbai is of no consequence. Our team covers every suburb in the city and Vashi and other parts of New Bombay as well. In short we cover the area from South Mumbai to Thane, Borivali and Mankhurd, Thane to Karjat/Kasara, Borivali to Virar and Vashi to Panvel. Apart from not needing to step out, usually for reasons of ill health, AHS also mean you will not have to wait hours in a hospital or lab, waiting for something as simple as a blood test that takes all of two minutes. AHS have discovered the convenience of getting tests done at home.

It is a reliable service that focuses on the well being of all our clients. Your mind will be at ease with our courteous and well-trained phlebotomists/technicians. AHS can assure that the blood collection will be done with professionalism and care. The collection in several different tubes and specimens that needed to be handled in a particular way, in AHS it is done perfectly. All collections, packaging and transportation of specimens have been impeccable. Phlebotomy/technicians are really prompt which was especially important when patients were fasting. By AHS, we find most clients react better to getting their blood collected when they are in a comfortable environment.

Our responsibility is to take blood efficiently and as painlessly as possible, without harming the patient or disturbing the nursing care they are receiving at the time. We ensure the blood is taken correctly, maintaining viability of specimens for analysis. All our phlebotomists/technicians are very professional, trained and accredited to international standards, which incorporate academic learning with practical skill & they complete it with confidence and ease. The patients do not even feel the needle go in. Most importantly we will make the experience as pleasant as possible for the patient.

Corporate Services

Annual Health Checkup of Corporate Clients:
We often assume that when a person is not sick - he or she must be in good health, but this is not always the case. The root of many common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer often set in years before the illness actually surfaces. To prevent these illnesses, early detection of risk factors is essential. Good health is crucial to quality of life, personal and professional success. It is generally thought that healthy people don't need a health screen but the reality is that many common illnesses and conditions can be prevented or cured if they are caught early enough - in most cases this may be before any symptoms become apparent.

As with all our medicals, we believe that health screening and undergoing an Medical significantly helps with early detection and protection for the benefit of the employees' health. In return the company will receive greater productivity and a healthier workforce.

Our aim is to look after the physical and mental health of the staff of the companies we work with to enhance their well being and morale, which will contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the company business. It is viewed by many employees as an important benefit offered by the employer and functions as a retention benefit for staff. Not only can it provide reassurance to the individual about their current health status but it can also be used as part of a tool to manage down costs associated with absence from work.

“A lot of employee problems can be solved in the hiring process. It’s easier to hire carefully than to fire someone later.” Air-Conditioned offices, a cafeteria serving wholesome meals and a state-of-art gym in-house and one would think that poor employee health is corporate history. Nothing is farther from the truth. As an executive yourself, you are no stranger to what life as a professional entails. Sedentary lifestyles, hectic schedules and impending deadlines diminish good health until before its too late. And the repercussions to your organization in terms of lost man-hours, lower productivity and dipping morale could be immense. So, in today’s competitive environment the initiative remains stronger than ever to cultivate a resilient workforce.

Balancing health and professional life needn’t be the tightrope walk it appears. With AHS, a health check-up package for executives, your organization can ensure that personnel health is given the priority it deserves at the corporate level. Companies can select from a range of tests to create customized health check-up packages that best satisfy their particular requirements.

Pre-Employment Medical Examination:
Business owners recognize that good employees are essential to their company’s growth, but identifying and hiring outstanding people is a perennial challenge. Pre-employment Health checks are one way to take some of the guesswork out of hiring. Small-business owners usually wear many hats, including that of human resources director. They base their occasional hiring decisions on a resume, an interview or two, and their gut instincts. A pre-employment check can verify or refuse both resume information and those interview impressions.

Employee Drug Addiction & Pre Employment Drug Testing:
Employers entrust their workers with a vast array of responsibilities in their businesses. Many employers feel it is necessary for prospective employees to submit to a pre-employment drug screening. This is especially true in corporate like BPOs and call centres. Employers are bound by law to provide a safe working environment for their employees, to minimize the risks of accidents or injuries. This is one of the most common reasons for drug testing in the workplace. Employers understand that drug abuse may alter reasoning and logical abilities, thereby causing unnecessary and preventable workplace accidents. We recognize each company has unique drug testing requirements and we can customize each program to fit those needs.

Please ensure that the following instructions are adhered to while you come for the health checks:
Kindly make a prior appointment.
You are advised to be on empty stomach for 12 hrs. (Please ensure that you have not had morning cup of tea, coffee or an other fluids except plain water before you come for health check).
Do not ingest any medication or alcohol and do not smoke or chew tobacco before your check If you are taking any other medication Please bring all your medical prescriptions and medical records with you. You are required to provide first sample of blood. You will be requested to take breakfast and provide second sample of blood exactly after 2 hours of breakfast. You can take your regular medication after your breakfast.

Medical History:

  • The examiner will ask about your medical history. You will need to provide information regarding your past surgeries, medications, medical conditions and any treatments you may have had. You will also need to provide the names and addresses of previous hospitals or physicians that may have provided treatment. Making notes before the examination will aid the process.
  • It is always the best practice to be honest and forthcoming with your answers.
  • After providing a sample of blood and medical history will be required to undergo the various investigations mentioned below according to the package: ECG ,X-ray Chest , TMT (Stress Test), General Body Profile , CBC , ESR , Urine Routine , Stool Routine , Blood Group & Rh factor ,Cardiac Risk profile

Female customers who are pregnant are advised not to undergo X-ray chest, TMT, Stress tests. Female clients are requested to inform in advance regarding their pregnancy so that the test suitable are only carried out. Since the various tests would require you to change into patient gowns frequently it is advisable to wear appropriately comfortable clothes and footwear.
List of clients:
Parmasteelisa, Future Generali, etc

Insurance Services

What Is Insurance?
Insurance is a contract between two parties, the insurer or the insurance company, and the insured, the person seeking the cover. Within this contract, the insurer agrees to pay the insured for financial losses arising out of any unforeseen events or risk in return for a regular payment of premium. Thus, these insurance plans are also called as a Risk Cover Plans, which means to financially compensate for losses that occur uncertainly through accident, illness, theft, natural disaster. As you can not fight against these man-made and natural calamities, so at least be prepared for them and their consequences by taking insurance policies.

Types of Insurance: Insurance policies cover the risk of life as well as other assets and valuables, such as, home, automobiles etc. On the basis of the risk they cover, insurance policies can be classified into two categories: Life Insurance and General Insurance. As the term suggests, Life Insurance covers the risk involved in a person's life, while General Insurance provides financial protection against unforeseen events, like accident, flood, earthquake, disease, etc.
Life insurance: You will do anything for the ones you love. Thinking about why you need life insurance can be an emotional and stressful task. However, life insurance is one of the most responsible decisions you can make to help ensure that your spouse, children or other loved ones can continue to enjoy the quality of the life they deserve. Life is unpredictable. So it is important to ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of financially in case something happens to you. This is where life insurance comes in. It can provide some financial peace of mind if the worst when it happen.

What is Life Insurance?
Life insurance offers a way to replace the loss of income that occurs when someone dies. Life insurance is insurance for you and your family's peace of mind. With a life insurance policy is in place, you can:

  • Provide security to your family
  • Provide finance to your loved ones to achieve their goals in your absence
  • Ensure that your family is able to maintain their lifestyle, no matter what happens
  • Look at other retirement saving/investment vehicles

Life is a roller coaster ride and is full of twists and turns. You cannot take anything for granted in life. Insurance policies are a safeguard against the uncertainties of life. Insurance is system by which the losses suffered by a few are spread over many, exposed to similar risks. Insurance is a protection against financial loss arising on the happening of an unexpected event. Insurance policy helps in not only mitigating risks but also provides a financial cushion against adverse financial burdens suffered.
Life insurance or life assurance is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured individual's or individuals' death or other event, such as terminal illness or critical illness. In return, the policy owner agrees to pay a stipulated amount (at regular intervals or in lump sums). The value for the policyholder is derived, not from an actual claim event, rather it is the value derived from the 'peace of mind' experienced by the policyholder, due to the negating of adverse financial consequences caused by the death of the Life Assured. Medical underwriting is an insurance term referring to the use of medical or health status information in the evaluation of an applicant for coverage (typically for life or health insurance). As part of the underwriting process, health information may be used in making two related decisions: whether to offer or deny coverage; and what premium rate to set for the policy. The use of medical underwriting may be restricted by law in certain insurance markets. Where allowed, the criteria used should be objective, clearly related to the likely cost of providing coverage, practical to administer, consistent with applicable law, and designed to protect the long-term viability of the insurance system.

Health insurance underwriting is the process that a health insurer uses to encourage potential health risks in its pool of insured people against potential costs of providing coverage. To conduct medical underwriting, an insurer asks people who apply for coverage (typically people applying for individual or family coverage) about pre-existing medical conditions. Insurance companies are allowed to ask questions about a person's medical history in order to decide whom to offer coverage, whom to deny and if additional charges should apply to individually purchased coverage.

What Kind of Medical Test is needed for Life Insurance?
Depending on the underwriting requirements of the life insurance company, the medical tests required could range from nothing for a guarantee issue policy to a complete physical exam with blood and urine samples. The actual tests required will vary from company to company as well. In most cases, these tests are performed at the applicant's home or work location. Life insurance is a good way to ensure that family members will have enough money to cover expenses that you may leave behind in the form of unpaid bills and funeral costs. Obtaining life insurance may mean taking tests to get the best rates and coverage possible. The exam itself will typically take no more than 20 minutes.

Physical Examination:The main test that you will need to take when obtaining life insurance is the physical examination. This exam will include a height and weight measurement, blood pressure reading, pulse measurements, measurements of the chest and abdomen are also noted. Blood, saliva and urine specimens are collected. Possible blood tests required by life insurance companies include checks for cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, HIV and the presence of prescription drugs used for treating various diseases, etc. Tests on urine samples include ones that look for illicit drug use, glucose and albumin. The purpose of the physical examination is to assess your health risks and determine the insurer's risk of giving you a policy given your overall health and risk factors for conditions that will affect your mortality. If a heart murmur is present during the pulse reading, the medical examiner records details of the murmur including location, timing and loudness. In addition, the medical examiner examines the entire body for abnormalities. Finally, the examiner determines if the applicant looks unhealthy or looks older than the age stated. Personal Medical History of the client is been checked along with the family details. The tests can be conducted at your home, office or other location convenient to you; a registered doctor that is approved by the insurance company will contact you to set a date and time.

The samples of urine, blood and saliva will be tested for antigens or antibodies to HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), lipids relating to cholesterol kidney and liver disorders, hepatitis antibodies, diabetes, PSA's (prostate specific antigens) and immune disorders. The urine sample will be tested for illegal drugs and prescription medications along with the routine screening analysis.
Blood can be taken two ways; it can be drawn by a needle if a large sample is needed for a full blood profile or it can be taken via a finger prick, such as that for a blood glucose machine to detect sugar levels. Younger applicants may only need to provide a finger prick sample of blood whereas someone older may need to provide a full sample for a complete blood profile.

Medical History:In addition to the physical examination, the examiner will ask about your medical history. You will need to provide information regarding your past surgeries, medications, medical conditions and any treatments you may have had. You will also need to provide the names and addresses of previous hospitals or physicians that may have provided treatment. Making notes before the examination will aid the process.
It is always the best practice to be honest and forthcoming with your answers. The insurance companies will do their own follow-ups and investigation to verify the information you provide.

Additional testing: There are instances where additional tests may be necessary. You might have to answer questions on a specific questionnaire or submit to an ECG,TMT test. These tests are not typical and if they are necessary, the insuring company will make the arrangements for the same.
Additional testing will be required of those who are seeking very large amounts of life insurance. The underwriting criteria for such large sums will be much more stringent and in lieu of an exam performed by a doctor, you may need to submit to a full examination from a doctor.

Seniors older than 70: The medical examiner asks the applicant to walk around and notes any abnormalities. In addition, the applicant will need to remember objects noted at the beginning of the exam and recall them at the end. Apex Health Services (AHS) role in Insurance. AHS is working as semi TPA and is well known serviced provider for conducting medicals at client residence or at client office, where we carry out pathological collection, ECG and Medical Examination. AHS has tie up with Birla Sun life Insurance Company, Aviva Life Insurance, Future Generali, Bajaj Health Insurance, HDFC for conducting Pre Policy checkups of the prospective insurance clients. AHS emphasis on conducting the medicals through home visit basically to provide ease to the end customers. Today’s busy world prospective clients don’t have enough time to visit the centre’s with 12 hours of fasting, conduct the medical test at the centre. Once the medicals are complete, client needs to travel back to his/her house have breakfast and then start with the daily life. AHS have discovered the convenience of getting tests done at client residence or client office. Client didn’t visit the centre for getting the pre insurance medical test done.
AHS is the ideal solution for conducting medicals at client’s convenience:

  • Senior Citizens,
  • People with disabilities,
  • People who prefer the privacy,
  • Even people who are simply too busy at work Travel and transaction time cost is higher than the cost of Home Care visit charges,
  • Patient is not in a condition to visit the hospital,
  • Patient requires rest and does not wish to take the stress of travel.

Procedure followed by AHS:

  • We have team of doctors & technicians. Technicians mainly do pathology and ECG & doctors do medical examinations/physical examination.
  • Some of the doctors do all the medical examinations, blood collection & ECG too.
  • All the home visit are mainly in the morning as fasting is required for blood collection except in rare occasions it is done in the afternoon & evening. However visits in afternoon & evening are mainly of medical examination only.
  • The mode of operations are as follows:
  • Our office accepts visits from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
  • Agents/Branches/Agency Managers calls up the office and provide with relevant details such as Name of the client, Date when the medicals needs to be conducted, Test that needs to be done, Place where the medicals needs to be conducted, etc.
  • Client is called up on the day prior to the day of medical examination and convenient time is fixed for medicals as per the client’s availability. Client is instructed for the test that he will have to undergo so that he is mentally and physical prepared for the same. Client is also made aware of the things to be taken care such as if Fasting is required than client should not consume anything for at least 12 hrs from the time of appointment.
  • Thereafter all the visits are allotted to doctors & technician on area based.
  • The visits are conveyed to doctors & technicians on phone with all details like name, address, telephone no’s of clients, what are tests & which company.
  • Doctors & technician goes to the clients place directly from their home.
  • Medical Examination and blood collection is done as per the request. After conducting the medicals all the samples, examination forms are submitted to the office.
  • Samples are processed in the lab and reports are generated for the same. Blood reports along with Medical Examination (after scrutiny) and ECG/TMT is scanned and sends to the respective companies.
  • AHS has introduced new system i.e. the WEB-PORTAL through which the reports of the client are scanned and uploaded directly. Insurance Company is alerted through E-Mail as soon as reports are uploaded on the portal. They are provided with the Login ID & Pass word through which they can view & download the reports of their clients directly.AHS receives the intimation through Email once the reports are downloaded. Downloaded reports are deleted from the server so that ample safe is available on the portal.
  • Complete set of reports are scanned and forwarded to the insurance companies so that reports are made available in sport span of time. Overall turn around time for the test to be conducted and making the reports available to companies for underwriting is on same day. In rare case it may take a day or two.
  • Original/Hard Copy of the reports is parallels dispatched to the Insurance Companies.
  • We also provide services for the test that cannot be done at the client’s residence. For e.g.: If a client is required to undergo a Treadmill ECG which is not possible to be conduct at the clients place. AHS has tie-ups with the different centres all over Mumbai, so we arrange for the test to be done at the clients nearest centre. Complete follow-ups for scheduling for the test, collection of the reports and finally making available the same to the Insurance Companies is done by AHS.
  • Insurance Companies needs to deal with only our office directly for queries such as date of dispatch of the original medicals, date of scanning the medicals, successfully completion of the examination, any of the details missed out by the examining doctor, etc is handled by the office staff.